LENA Start

Coming Summer 2021 for Mesquite families

Graphic family holding hands - parents have the power!

LENA Start is an evidence-based community program designed to engage families and help them learn how to increase conversation with their children during the first few years of life. Interactive talk — specifically back-and-forth conversation — has been proven to be a key factor in healthy early brain development. Yet most families don’t know how much they’re talking to or with their children.

During LENA Start, families use LENA’s patented “talk pedometer” technology to measure their child’s language environment. Over the course of 10 weekly sessions that can be delivered virtually or in person, families explore this data in the form of personalized, actionable feedback reports, discussing research-based strategies with their peers to increase the quality and quantity of talk at home.

If you're interested in participating in one of our
LENA Start parent groups,
please email LParis@mesquiteisd.org or call 972-882-5277

Mom sitting on the floor talking to her baby
Mom playing with two boys